Friday Night Sounds: Porch Listening

When I was first discovering my taste in music, I quickly avoided anything that remotely sounded like modern country. As a child, I remember driving down the road with my mom’s slightly off-tune alto belting out songs with such a forced twang that it was all I could do not to stick my fingers in my ears. But after driving on my own, and having the ability to turn off the innumerable country radio stations in the Baltimore metro area, I began to acknowledge that all elements of country weren’t terrible. Particularly its roots, roughly folk and bluegrass.  Once I realized that, my love affair with folk-inspired music began.

This playlist is filled with both modern and classic songs with some banjo, acoustic guitar, and fiddle elements. You might know a few of the artists, but others could use some publicity. Relax and enjoy the deconstructed charm of some folk influenced artists on a warm Friday evening – preferably on your porch, to get the full effect.

Artists include the likes of:

  • Bob Dylan
  • The Avett Brothers
  • The Preservation Hall Jazz Band
  • Heathers
  • Austin Lucas

Click here to listen on YouTube!

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