Eastern Shore Fan Con

The Eastern Shore of Maryland was graced with something rather unusual this past weekend – a fan convention for comic book people, art people, anime people, manga people, and general fans of geeky stuff. It was held in Princess Anne, Maryland, and had a little bit of everything. For a n00b like myself, it was a very welcoming environment and an experience that I encourage everyone to have.

The event was put together with help from UMES and PLB Comics, the makers of the comic book legend The Fall. There were some pretty cool people there whose art we admired and we will be posting about them soon, including Octopus Tree House and Time For Hugs.

We saw a bunch of really interesting cosplayers and a lot of skin I was not expecting to see. The event was a success and we would really like to thank PLB Comics and the UMES people for making it a special occasion. The Eastern Shore needs more arts events like these and fewer car shows. Srsly.

I don’t know what anyone was dressed up as but I’m glad they had fun doing it.

It has to be pixelated if it’s on a screen!

Support the arts on the Eastern Shore and attend the Eastern Shore Fan Con next year!

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