“I.C.U”- Lou Doillon


While trolling one of my favorite blogs (lefashionimage) I found that French model/designer/fashion icon Lou Doillon has gone and released a single. We have featured Lou’s famous (half) sister Charlotte Gainsbourg–the daughter of Jane Birkin and her first husband Serge Gainsbourg; Doillon is the product of Birkin’s pairing with director Jacques Doillon–but it seems Charlotte isn’t the only one with a gift for song. They share a knack for singing en Anglais but the comparisons ought to end there. Doillon’s got a warmth and huskiness to her voice that should set them far, far apart.


“I.C.U.” (like “I see you,” not intensive care unit) is a song about love which has been lost and which is constantly found “in every cab that goes by, in the strangers, and every crossroad”–presumably dans Paris where the video takes place. It’s jazzier than I expected from someone who is destined to make rock ‘n’ roll but the French do love le jazz. And “I.C.U” is quite formidable.

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