You May Have Missed It: Better Off Ted

Better Off Ted was a work satire in the best sense. We all know that Portia de Rossi can be an icy cold bitch (see Ally McBeal) and in Arrested Development and Better Off Ted, she turns that demeanor into something funny. Better Off Ted focuses on Ted (obviously) as a workaholic single father who has to navigate the channels of the morally detestable research and development branch of a major company that produces new products. As the manager, he deals with scientific geniuses who have no real clue, his boss Veronica (played by Portia de Rossi) with whom he has an interesting relationship, and Linda – the love interest.

Don’t blame me for how I look, God made me this way, and then he told me where to shop for suits.


In business school, you learn that ethics is something only the public cares about. Therefore, you should take great pains to make it look like you care but it doesn’t mean you really have to care. 

The company loves its money. If they could, they’d go to strip clubs and throw naked women at money.


BOT was cancelled in its second season due to low ratings, even though it had great acclaim. Catch it on Netflix Instant and you’ll get to see the last two episodes which didn’t air on ABC when the show was running.

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