ABC’s Scandal Begins

Meet Olivia Pope, a crisis management and PR specialist devoted to salvaging, rebuilding, and protecting reputations of the elite on this new ABC show.

Pope, played by Kerry Washington, is a “fixer” and she’s damn good at it. She previously worked with the President until recently leaving the White House to start her own crisis management firm.

She bails people out when they need her services the most. She doesn’t judge; that’s not her job. How can she when she has secrets to protect of her own? She may be good at protecting the image of others, but I’m not so sure can manage to keep herself under wraps.  We all know how Monica & Clinton turned out.

Pope “discussing” an issue with  President Grant

Tune in on Thursdays to see how things begin to quickly unravel. You can watch it on Hulu, too.

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