National Library Week: Women in Love

It's National Library Week!

In honor of National Library Week, we are going to be writing about some of our favorite books.

A favorite of mine is D.H. Lawrence‘s Women in Love which was written in 1916. It’s about two sisters and was described as an “analytical study of sexual depravity” in an early review. The two sisters are very different from each other and are actually from an earlier novel that I didn’t read called The Rainbow. The sisters have relationships with men who are as destructive as they are romantic figures.

This novel has been called Lawrence’s favorite novel. There are elements of his own life in there, including the impassioned attachments that Lawrence and his wife, Frieda, had with John Murry and his wife, Katherine Mansfield. He struggled to get this book published and in that vein, you should pick up a copy at your library or get it for free on your Kindle via Amazon.

There was a movie made, which stars Alan Bates, called Women in Love and has a bit of nudity in it. If you’re into that sort of thing, you can find it on Amazon as well.

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