Listen Up: Alabama Shakes, ‘Boys And Girls’

Already heralded as a band to watch in 2012, Alabama Shakes – a bluesy, soulful rock quartet – will officially release it’s debut, Boys And Girls, tomorrow in stores, but why wait until then? The entire album has been available for a week now for free, thanks to the good folks at NPR. And I’ve been loving what I hear.

Brittany Howard, Alabama Shakes’ singer-guitarist, is subtle, commanding and powerful throughout Boys And Girls’ 11 tracks that mostly last 4 minutes or less. The entire album is polished, captivating and drenched with emotion.

In the words of BUST magazine:

Their tracks tend be on the shorter side, but what they lack in length they more than make up for in sheer raw power. And a key source of this power comes from vocalist/guitarist Brittany Howard, whose soulful pipes and earth-shaking lung power carry the heavy, swampy rhythms that so exemplify their unique brand of Deep South blues rock’n’roll. 

Truth be told, Alabama Shakes has a refreshing, raw and bluesy sound that stands out in the sea of Brooklyn-based indie bands (sorry, ChairLift, I still love you.), sugary pop and imitation rock/blues that dominates the airwaves.

Check ’em out and crank up the volume!

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