Preview: Don’t Trust the B(itch) in Apartment 23

Don’t Trust the B—- in Apt 23 is a hell of a long title for a sitcom. Way too long. What the creators lacked in imagining a shorter title was certainly made up for in the tone and pace of this show. Which is to say that it is hilarious.

It’s like Bitch is the New York (and ABC) version of The New Girl, which is based in LA (and FOX makes)…except that it is way sharper and straddles the line of awkwardness and being uncomfortable much better. There are many quirky side characters and there’s also James Van Der Beek. You know, that guy from Dawson’s Creek.

The woman who plays the B—– in apartment 23 is Chloe, played by Krysten Ritter. She doesn’t get attention by having bangs, making funny voices, or talking about how cute cupcakes are – unlike some characters in shows these days. The last place I know her from is Jesse’s love interest who overdoses in Breaking Bad and that is enough reason to give this show a chance. Before that, she was notably in Veronica Mars and Gilmore Girls. She is really great at being a bitch.

June is her counterpart, the exact opposite of Chloe, and she’s a girl who tries to do everything according to plan. In the Pilot, her plans are foiled as she leaves a small town to go live in the big city. Her housing arrangements fall through and she chooses Chloe to live with because Chloe plays an innocent and lies to June about the circumstances of her last roommate’s leaving.

The dynamic between the two is like Cruella de Vil and a helpless dalmatian puppy which can sometimes bite hard. This is an old sitcom trick but it is used effectively, especially when jokes are bounced off of Van Der Beek.20120403-114840.jpg

One thing I could live without is the creepy neighbor who doesn’t wear pants and has a relationship with a sex doll.

The Pilot just aired and the second episode is on Hulu, set to premier on ABC on Wednesday, the 11th.

June and James Van Der Beek
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