Barbie, Beware!

Nicki Minaj's Pink Friday

If you didn’t think Nicki Minaj was crazy when she first stepped into the rap industry, you realized it during her sacrilegious performance at the Grammys. I’ll admit it, I was a huge fan when she first started featuring in songs with Wayne and Drake. I even purchased her first album, Pink Friday when it was released in November 2009.

There was something edgy, unique and real about her—that is, until she came on stage with butt implants. I liked her flow on her tracks, especially “Roman’s Revenge” featuring Eminem and, of course, “Did it on ‘Em.” I saw her in concert with Weezy and Rick Ross and then again with Britney Spears. This theatrical Barbie was entertaining to watch, and I loved how she put so much energy into her performances.

I admired her fierce attitude. She was turning heads and really didn’t give a shit about anything bad people had to say. Lately though? I don’t know. I want to still like her, but… I listened to a few of her new songs from her album “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded” that was released on April 3rd. Garbage. Her alter ego, “Roman Zolanski,” has completely cramped her style and replaced the Nicki that we once loved, or, well, didn’t hate. Songs like “Stupid Hoe,” “Come on a Cone,” and “Whip It” say enough.

C’mon Nicki, get it together. You’re not the only “FemCee” in the game anymore. These three are just waiting on any excuse to rip off that pink wig.

Snow Tha Product: This latina lady is feisty. Commonly dubbed the female Twista , she found a home with Atlantic Records.

Iggy Azaela- Australian, tall, and blonde. Don’t let the model appearance fool you, she’s into the “Murda Bizness” and was recently signed to TI’s label.
Kreayshawn- Bitch you ain’t no Barbie, I see you work at Arby’s. K got some serious attention from her hit single “Gucci Gucci”.
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