Tracy Morgan won’t bail out his mother (for good reason)

Tracy Morgan is in the headlines once again, most recently for opening a car door into a food delivery cyclist who should have known better than to wear all black and not have any reflectors on. But what really caught my eye is that Morgan has recently refused to send his mother any money after she started facing foreclosure. His sister is trying to use the media to slam Morgan, but there are very real reasons as to why he won’t help, and why he hasn’t spoken to his mother in over a decade.

NPR’s Terry Gross did a very interesting interview with Tracy Morgan a couple years ago after 30 Rock started to climb in ratings and Morgan published his book. The interview itself was very serious and emotional, not humorous like everyone thought it would be. He talked about how badly his mother treated them as children and how she basically turned her back on them when they were growing up.

Morgan spent most of his childhood growing up with his father, who was very often sick. So while some would say to turn the other cheek, I would be on the side saying that Karma is a bitch, Ms. Morgan.

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