Katie Couric returns to Morning TV

Katie Couric
Katie Couric (Photo credit: Image Editor)

Katie Couric wasn’t my favorite, even though she was called “America’s Sweetheart”. I watched the Today Show all through high school for the first half hour that it was on. She was dippy and made dumb jokes but overall she was a pretty good journalist. Then, about six years ago she left and took over for Dan Rather in 2006 at CBS News after he made some embarrassing statements. She was the highest paid news anchor at $15 million.

At first she had great ratings, but they steadily fell as America got used to her position on CBS Nightly News. She even interviewed Sarah Palin, (and we all know how that went!) and now…now, she is back in the morning slot, temporarily, but not at NBC. Ann Curry has since taken over the spot that Meredith Vieira took when Couric left and even though Curry isn’t doing a good job, NBC is keeping her on.

Poor Couric should just become the occasional correspondent on CNN or MSNBC or something but instead she is taking to the second tier network for her daytime show where no one will really notice her. She will start her show in September on ABC which will ultimately flop, like most of them do. And she’s getting paid $40 million to do that! Seems like every network is trying to find the next Oprah.

Couric will be on for the week, while Robin is on Spring Break. NBC, in a jab at Good Morning America, has announced that Sarah Palin will co-host on The Today Show tomorrow. Low blow, guys.

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