Mad Men Season 5 Premiere Recap!

Last night was the MUCH DELAYED and HOTLY ANTICIPATED season 5 premiere of AMC’s cult-classic Mad Men.

Naturally, I took to twitter to make my predictions (via @Rhymeetreason) just before the show began:

As it turns out I was very, very wrong about there being less (fewer) French Canadians, i.e. Babysitter Megan. There was BEAUCOUP de Megan, singing to Don en français–something about “Zoobli Zoo Zou Bisou Bisou.” Megan in the office, Megan in the bedroom, Megan being mean to Peggy, Megan on the floor, Megan ruining rugs. Get your gap teeth and go, Megan!


I miss Dr. Faye.


I am the only one.


Perhaps finally caving to very valid criticism of the show for its lack of diversity, Matt Weiner made up for lost time and brought in lots of Black folks! The show opened to execs at a rival ad agency throwing paper bags (that’s right, paper bags) filled with water at Black people who’d organized to protest institutionalized racism, which is pretty disgusting. Word got around and in response, the guys at Sterling, Draper, Whatever and Who Cares placed a job listing saying they were equal opportunity employers to further embarrass their peers–and not because they were interested in employing minorities.  Even worse. The 2 hour episode ended with a waiting room full of young Black professionals eager to put in their resumes for consideration.

(Image via


The guys realized they had to take the applicants seriously only after their white secretary paraded in an offensive statue… Above you see them squirming.


Here’s a rundown of the less weighty stuff:

  • Sally Draper is still lisping. Is that for real?
  • Don Draper didn’t make his kids wear seat belts. ROAD SAFETY, Don. Road safety.
  • Per usual, Don was a dick. to. everyone. Including his wife, Megan.
  • Peggy was really sassy. And trying to sell us Heinz beans. I don’t think so.
  • There were a bunch of new secretaries.
  • Pete was being Pete and needed a new office.
  • TRUDY!
  • Joan had Roger’s baby–although the baby looked Black which would have added to the already scandalous act of having a baby out of wedlock with a married man.
  • Because Joan had a baby she couldn’t attend Don’s surprise party.
  • Don’s surprise party was really just a venue for Megan to sing to him in French.
  • And let everyone smoke pot–including Alex Mack!
  • TRUDY.
  • Jane Sterling is a hater.
  • Betty Draper did not make an appearance.

Did I miss anything?


What did you think of the season premiere?

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