OMG RLY? Zynga buys Draw Something

Draw Something was bought by Zynga.

They probably said it was “drawsome”. OMGPOP’s Draw Something game for Android and iOS devices has been bought by Zynga in record time. This is great news for OMGPOP, considering they were bought for over $200 million. What surprises most people is that a simple drawing game, albeit with some snappy puns and animation, was worth that much in the first place. It has amassed a following of 35 million players on iOS devices so far.

The premise is easy to grasp. You draw a picture, your friend gets the picture as a video of them drawing it and then you guess what it is. Pictionary for smart phones. You start out with only a few colors and with more coins that you build up over the course of playing with your friends, you can buy more colors. If you are stumped, you can use one bomb out of the five you get, and increase your odds. There doesn’t seem to be any incentive to keep a round going except that it gives you bragging rights.Zynga loves small games that make a big splash.

Draw Something was only in the app stores for about six weeks and look what happened. I predict we will be seeing greater integration with Facebook and Twitter, soon enough.

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