Must See: Hunger Games

The Hunger Games has amassed a huge following due to the immense popularity of the trilogy of novels by Suzanne Collins. The movie, while not perfect, certainly lived up to the expectations of the fans. 




At two and a half hours-ish, one could argue that it is difficult to focus on something so long. This is an epic movie, though, people! This enabled director Gary Ross to hit most of the major points in the book in a way that didn’t feel rushed, even though I didn’t like the editing at the beginning. It was very fast and hard to keep track of. Suzanne Collins helped write the screenplay which only helped the film overall. The effects were really great, including the fire suit and dress.




The performances were really wonderful. Jennifer Lawrence nailed the seriousness that envelops Katniss as she battles for her life. Stanley Tucci steals the show (like usual) as Caesar, the guy who comments throughout the movie as a sort of Ryan Seacrest, full of smiles. His blue hair is pretty cool, too. Josh Hutcherson, who you may remember from The Kids Are Alright as Laser, is a short guy with quite a jawline. His scenes as Peeta come with gravitas and charisma, the kind of guy that the reader and viewers root for. He’s the underdog, while Gale comes across as quite smug. Elizabeth Banks is unrecognizable as Effie Trinket.




Like all films that are translated from books, there are elements missing. The dystopian future is there in all its glory but the problems with Snow and the government aren’t really addressed. One other thing I was particularly upset about was the end, when the dogs attacked the last tribute against Peeta and Katniss and it wasn’t discussed what the dogs really were. 


Go out and see the movie but before you do, buy the book and read it!



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