“Never Let Me Go”- Florence + the Machine


Florence + The Machine’s Ceremonials (her 2011 release and follow up to Lungs) is an absolute revelation–a treasure of an album that is creepy and dark, triumphant and truly moving all at once. Simply put: it overwhelms me.


Her latest single, “Never Let Me Go” is easily Ceremonials’ stand-out track. It is a hugely dramatic song about drowning and love sung with such a dirge-like quality that it seems more appropriate for a cathedral than an arena. Welch’s vocals coupled with those of the choir are profoundly devotional.


Given the subject matter why she didn’t play this song at the Chanel SS 2012 runway show this past fall is beyond me.


Check out the ghastly video in which an unsettling black liquid seeps from Florence’s pores. The video also features a bleach-browed Jamie Campbell Bower. (And you guys know how much I love a bleached-brow):


For a completely different take on the song give a listen to the Clams Casino remix:



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