Women’s History Month Spotlight: Barbara Mikulski


(Image via the Senator’s website)


While many think History is simply the retelling of the things that happened to rich old dead white men often by old white men (and sometimes it can be–see: Newt Gingrich and Glenn Beck) it isn’t just that. After all, things that happened in the past are only a blink and a click away.


As a former History major (who has long since graduated) I think we have a responsibility to make sure that what is being remembered, recounted and recalled (especially in text–hello: Texas and Arizona) is inclusive of many perspectives, representative of many people and accurate as regards their many interactions. That’s where the non-rich old white men come in.


Let’s not forget that March is Women’s History Month!


Last Saturday, Senator Barbara Mikulski (D-MD)–an ardent supporter of women’s rights and native Baltimorean–became the longest-serving woman in the history of the US Congress. When she was first elected to the US Senate in 1986 (the year before I was born!), she was just 1 of 2 women senators.  Now she is 1 of 17. That, my friends, is H-I-S-T-O-R-I-C!


Those of you unfamiliar with Senator Mikulski (Who are you? Get out of here!) should acquaint yourselves with her bio: http://www.mikulski.senate.gov/about/biography.cfm She has done quite a lot and has a decidedly progressive platform, for which I am particularly thankful as a loyal constituent.


Here’s a piece from CNN on just how far the US has come in Senator Mikulski’s tenure and just how far we’ve got to go:


I couldn’t be more proud!  Though, we all could be more civil…

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