Vote Knope!

Amy Poehler plays Leslie Knope, a real hero for fictional Pawnee, Indiana. Parks and Recreation on NBC may not have the most viewers but it does stay true to itself and its own brand of humor. We all benefit because of that. While this election cycle in real life is infinitely trite, Leslie Knope’s own political gamble is a win for the viewer and for getting ideas out. 


We’re rooting for women in the political arena because men should not be the only ones making decisions for everyone. If we can’t have it in real life, then making strides in on television is a good place to start. 

In the most recent episode, “Lucky”, Leslie takes a night off and gets drunk. Of course, she is then able to interview with a guy who has the ability to make or break her campaign. She reveals that she is inebriated to the host and gets flustered when he presses the issue about her relationship with Ben. Luckily for her, she gets help from the downtrodden airport when they “lose” the tape of the scandal. 

Ron Swanson, who doesn’t identify as any sort of “ist” – including feminist, is a man’s man, man. He could eat a whole cow at a sitting, if he wanted to. While he doesn’t openly endorse anything but the few things he likes to do, he is supportive of Leslie and thinks that she can do whatever she sets her mind to. Flavorwire recently caught up with Nick Offerman, who plays Ron:

“It’s interesting, for some reason the fans really want me to be, exactly, Ron Swanson,” he says. “But Ron is a fictional character who has certain superhuman abilities, especially when it comes to consuming meat and alcohol. Unfortunately, I live in the realm of biology and I can accumulate cholesterol, so I have to be a little more diet-conscious than Ron. I think I’m just generally a lot more girly than Ron Swanson. I mince about and giggle, I think, a lot more than Ron does… [the role] really plays on a certain aspect of my personality, but I have a lot of other facets. I could play a drag queen in a film, Ron never could. So I guess I’m a much more complex person than Ron.” 

via Flavorwire

Tune in to Parks and Rec and watch Season 4 on Hulu, if you haven’t caught up yet. Currently it airs at 9:30pm (EST) on Thursdays.

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