Blue Agave (in Baltimore) Vale Madre


Rhyme et Reason editors were fans of Blue Agave Restaurante y Tequilería in Federal Hill. A month or so ago we went to Blue Agave during happy hour for bottomless margaritas. We had at least 5 in the space of an hour and a half, and they kept playing songs from my favorite (defunct) latino pop group RBD. Needless to say, we (read: I) were VERY happy.


Our fearless E-I-C was mostly drunk.*


But that was a month or so ago…


On 3 March, RetR got together for my 25th birthday. Naturally we thought we’d celebrate at Blue Agave. We walked in to a moody hostess (she was moody last time too but, again, we were drinking) who asked us if we “had a reservation.”


It was 4:30PM.


There were more empty tables than there were full.


We had: a $50.00 pitcher of “El jefe” margaritas; queso fundido; guacamole fresco; totopos y salsa [chips and salsa]; tacos de atún crudo; and something else. (I can’t remember it all!) No complaints there. The food was authentic and fresh.


However, our pastel de tres leches was too dry AND sour.


Our waitress charged my card twice instead of splitting the bill.


Our table was cleared before we got the check corrected.


There was no RBD.


Pues vale madre.


*I’m not judging.





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