Mad Men Fashion


Whether we identify it or not, we’re bringing back looks from the 1960s. It’s even affecting the lipstick tubes. Oh, the horror! Oh, the sexism! Oh, the racism!

But seriously, Banana Republic has struck a deal with the people at the television show Mad Men to come up with some 60s inspired clothes and accessories. Banana Republic’s Spring 2012 Mad Men collection was put together by Emmy Award winning Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant and BR Creative Director Simon Kneen. This classy new line has been described as tailored and polished. 


What impact does this have on society? Are we going to become more conservative or more liberal with the lengths of dresses or baring cleavage? Will society turn back the clock and reveal the notion that women who take birth control are “sluts” and if they do have sex, it should be taped? Maybe this whole 1960s thing needs to be reasoned out a bit more. 

The fifth season of Mad Men is fast approaching, which is part of the reason that this line has been put out. It’s also a reason that Don Draper AKA Jon Hamm was on Saturday Night Live the other night when Lindsay Lohan hosted

Sadly, we’ve been neglected by AMC and Matthew Weiner and didn’t get to inundate ourselves in the 1960s glory last year that we’ve become accustomed to. The expectations for this well written, beautifully acted and well dressed drama are very high. I hope it is as good as we think it’ll be.
Be sure to check out the Mad Men Party Guide which has great ideas for your own party. Or find out which character you are. Or even “Mad Men Yourself.” They sure know how to get people involved.

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