Can Lindsay Lohan make a comeback?


Lindsay Lohan appeared on the Today Show with Matt Lauer and waxed rhapsodically about how she’s changed and things are different now. This past Saturday, she hosted Saturday Night Live and gave a short monologue that was interrupted a few times by cast members and special guests giving her a hard time. Here’s a spoof of the interview.

She was mostly relegated to the background and when she did have lines, she hesitated and confirmed that she cannot act. Or rather, her range is limited to being who she is and nothing more. While I didn’t watch the whole spectacle on SNL, I can certainly say that watching her was a good wake up call that some people truly can act and aren’t just there to look pretty.

Also, am I the only one who thinks that Emma Stone has basically taken her spot in young Hollywood? Do we need another, less talented redhead (although, admittedly Stone does dye her hair red)?

What did you think of her performance?

Here’s her real interview with Matt.

What's your response?

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