Sacha Baron Cohen’s Dic-tator move

The Oscars Red Carpet show on E! was earnest in its attempts to interview the celebrities that drifted through the crowd. Nobody really likes Ryan Seacrest, and we certainly fall under that category.

So, when Sacha Baron Cohen came in as the Dictator, in character for his new movie, there were bound to be some shots taken at Seacrest. Luckily, we didn’t have to wait long. After asking the Dictator who he “was wearing,” Seacrest got more than he bargained for. The Dictator also commented that his socks were from K-Mart, and went on to say that Saddam Hussein once told him, “socks are socks, don’t waste money.”


The Dictator wanted to show Seacrest something and ‘accidentally’ spilled Kim Jong-il’s ashes all over Seacrest’s suit, to the amusement of many and to the chagrin of Seacrest. He really seems to have no sense of humor.

The Dictator wasn’t heard from for the rest of the night. We’re just glad he didn’t do a mock suicide bombing. 

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