Think Quick: Cheryl Tiegs booted off Celebrity Apprentice

August 20, 1984, Autographed Time Magazine by Cheryl Tiegs

Cheryl Tiegs was fired on Celebrity Apprentice by Donald Trump because she apparently didn’t want to be on the show. Once you admit something like that to your boss, you’re gone like Santorum’s sanity. 

The task was to create sandwiches that they then sold to people (and celebrities) for exhorbitant prices. They also appeared on Rachael Ray’s show where she judged the two best sandwiches, picked by the teams, and chose the men’s sandwich. I guess it must have been a very good sandwich.

The men’s team was shown to be taking in very little cash for the number of sandwiches that they actually sold while the women were selling some for as much as $15,000.The women were then surprised in the boardroom when it was revealed that the men had had one donor bring in over $300,000 FOR A SANDWICH. Luckily, it’s all for charity. So, the men won and all the money earned by both teams went to the Make a Wish Foundation.

In my humble opinion, Tiegs was the right one to go. She is quoted as saying that she is shy and quiet so she doesn’t come across like a Victoria Gotti. But, her heart really wasn’t in it. You can be shy and still show that you’re getting things done. You just have to tell the boss a little so that they know you’re still around.

She talked on Wendy Williams’ show about her experience on the show, saying that she has actually done more than she has been given credit for. 

“I’d built up 12 companies in my life, and been on the cover of Time magazine three times, not for my beauty but because what I was doing was newsworthy around the world,” she said, staking her claim on her accomplishments.

“And I’d been working on teams all my life, but I’ve been nice, and I’ve been kind and I’ve been good. So I thought I’d bring something to ‘Celebrity Apprentice,’ I’m going to let America know that you don’t have to be backstabbing, meanspirited in order to win a challenge.”

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