A fresh take on makeup tutorials: “How To Be a Girl”

YouTube makeup tutorials can go one of two ways: There are the professionals and the YouTube stars who are paid to plug pricey products– and really, any woman who needs to go online to learn how to put on makeup probably shouldn’t shell out $28 for the highly-worshipped NARS Orgasm blush because she doesn’t know what she’s doing anyway. The remaining videos are essentially vlogs (shudder) with some tips peppered in disguised as tutorials.

Enter Jane Feltes, the antihero of makeup tutorials, with her “How to Be a Girl” series.


“Here’s how make a perfect, dramatic cat eye without screwing everything up!”

The title may suggest it’s for tomboys, but I think it’s more like big sister-style advice for women who want to step up their makeup game. Sometimes Jane doesn’t know which brand she is using; it doesn’t matter all that much. Her tools resemble my own: brushes with the numbers on the stick worn away and cracked eyeshadows. But she knows what she’s doing and explains it well, minus the cosmetology jargon.

Her interjections sound like quotes pulled from conversations between me and my best friend sharing a mirror before going out. She doesn’t pretend she doesn’t have large pores or her eyes don’t look small without eyeliner, but she shows how to fix them.

Jane is frank and effortlessly funny. Her videos are short, and watching a few can improve your everyday routine.

Check out Jane Feltes’s YouTube channel and Vimeo. She also contributes to thehairpin.


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