Friday Night Sounds: Songs under one minute

How can I fit so many songs on my oldschool 4GB iPod nano? Songs under one minute!

The band 7 Seconds‘ name is only a slight exaggeration as nine of 24 songs on its 1983 album, The Crew, clock in under 60 seconds. Just because these songs are short doesn’t mean there is less said. Ian MacKaye of Minor Threat is credited with coining Straight Edge in the 45-second song. Milo of the Descendents sings at the speed of an auction host in the 36-second Coffee Mug. Most songs are faster to make up for time, like What’s Your Problem by Circle Jerks. Others, like Anarchy Is Dead by Government Issue and Do The Freddy by the Adolescents, rely on repetition to hammer their message in your head. 

These short songs make time go by really fast. Use it to measure time (“How many more Minutemen songs until the plane lands?”). Use this playlist to schedule goals (“I’ll get off the computer in five Common Enemy songs”). Use it to track intervals in your work out (“Three more Dead Milkmen songs and then I’ll take a one-Descendents-song break”).

Here are 37 songs in 28 minutes. Click to open in Spotify.



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