Charlize Theron: “How’s it going, brother?”

Apparently Newsweek is able to get all the Oscar best actor/actress nominees in the same room at the same time. Now, why don’t they respond when I ask them to do the same for me? That aside, you can see the rest of the videos here on Newsweek/The Daily Beast.

In this video, Charlize Theron speaks some very short sentences in Afrikaans and wins everyone over. Theron is nominated for Young Adult, which we reviewed a few weeks ago. In the video she says that she doesn’t bother correcting people when they mispronounce her name because it’s just embarassing when they do it improperly. The video is funny and awkward. Worth watching.


Here’s another one that talks about how they deal with trailers and the way that actors perceive them. Tilda Swinton is my new hero.

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