¡Anahí For Aviesta!


Is there something in the water? (Not a jab at Mexico’s water quality–I seriously love that country more than my own.)  Who ISN’T designing a shoe line these days?


First Rachel Bilson for ShoeMint, then Cheryl Cole for StylistPick and now Anahí for Aviesta!  It’s beyond strange (not really–totally makes sense) that all of my favorite pint-sized brunettes (and occasional blondes) have decided to launch an afforably-priced online shoe retailer at the same time, right? 


Anahí is a little late to the party but she’s no less welcome! The Mexican singer/actress is the face of Aviesta— a brand that will ship you your pick of each month’s most stylish shoes for just MX $399 (right around US $45). You just have to take a quiz and enter your payment information to get started.  As they say, “Nosotros creemos que el estilo no tiene fronteras [We believe style doesn’t have borders]”  Does that mean you can get them shipped to the U.S.?


Watch Anahí explain how Aviesta works:


Check out some of my favorite shoes–can’t tell if they were designed by Anahí or Aviesta but they’re muy heavys.


Orange is supposed to be big pa’ la primavera, no?


Les debo mencionar que recibirán un par de zapatos GRATIS cuando 25 de sus amigos se hagan miembros. ¡ESO!


I’ll be posting more about Aviesta and Anahí in the coming weeks!


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