Facebook softens the blow of rejection

Facebook structured denying friend requests similarly to a girl turning a guy down by saying, “I’m busy this week, but maybe another time!” When you click “not now,” it essentially sends the person you intended to deny to Facebook purgatory. 

This is a good thing because it mimicked my passive Myspace tactic of keeping someone I wanted to neither accept nor reject “in the box,” also known as boxing. This was only reserved for people I didn’t want to flat out deny. Bonus: the person cannot reattempt to add you if the request is pending.

This can be bad because sometimes, like in the dating world, it’s better to straight up say no. Really, your Facebook is probably a mine of photos and information that you aren’t obligated to share with everyone. In some cases, you just want to say, “Hell no! Nope, not happening!” That’s gonna require an extra step.

Go to your requests, and then click “See Hidden Requests.” Now look at all the weirdos who have tried to add you. Mine is mostly filled with strangers who think it’s OK to add me even though it isn’t Myspace in 2004 and a man who told me (in Spanish) if my beauty were a sin, I wouldn’t have forgiveness.



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