“Celebrity” Apprentice comes back for the end of the world


The Apprentice has always been one of my favorite shows and it may just be because some of the episodes are featured outside and sometimes it is windy. I always hope that “The Donald’s” hair moves a little more than he is comfortable with. Aside from that, it provides endless amusement as I root for my favorites to succeed. This is the closest feeling to being into sports and cheering on a team, I suppose. 

The Celebrity Apprentice shows have been around for five years now and there have been some episodes where celebrities are judged by a man who has somehow floundered and still found his way to being rich. How rich? I don’t care. His judgments are only important because someone gave him the power to say “you’re fired”. That would be the same guy who has made Survivor into one of the longest running reality television shows – Mark Burnett. I really despise Trump but the show just hooks me every time. I’m sure this season will be no different.

This season is looking especially good for “celebrities” and it’s mostly because there are names that the average television watcher would recognize. Here is the big list and below are the few that I will be most interested in watching.

Penn Jillette is best known for his show, Penn & Teller. If Teller was on the CA, it would be a far more quiet show. He’s quite outspoken so there will surely be drama on the men’s side. 

Clay Aiken comes from the second season of American Idol, back when we were told that he was straight. Having a gay man on the show isn’t new but it is always an interesting situation to watch, especially if he makes the other men uncomfortable. You know what they say about homophobic men… 


George Takei is also a gay man, so the ante has been upped. He played Sulu on Star Trek and has been campaigning for gay rights lately. He’s the oldest but, if we can judge by Joan Rivers’ spectacular win on the show, it would be a mistake to dismiss him because he is 74 years old. 

Victoria Gotti was the subject of an A&E reality show (Growing Up Gotti, which ended in 2005) before I knew what the whole “guido” thing was. She is the daughter of a mob boss in NYC who went to prison. She’s always done up to the hilt so she’ll probably make it her aim to put the other women’s makeup regimens to shame. 

Teresa Giudice is the most volatile personality on the (Desperate) Housewives of New Jersey and she’s probably going to get fired early on. I can’t imagine that Trump will put up with her antics for long. Hopefully, there are no tables in this season.


Dee Snider, from Twister Sister, appeared in last season’s Apprentice when he helped out that country star who I’d never heard of, John Rich, win. Good for him? Apparently he needs a bit more publicity since nobody remembers who he is. 

Cheryl Tiegs, the model and actress from a time before, also appears. Sometimes the models surprise you on this show because they are pretty cutthroat. They usually get their goals fouled up and get fired either because they are really dumb or they just get the wrong end of the stick. Her age should be an advantage, if she uses what she knows about human nature in the right way.

and, finally…

 Adam Carolla, the loud and obnoxious half of the Man Show that appeared on Comedy Central a while back, is on the show to just to be loud and obnoxious again. Oh, what fun. He’s also got a podcast going that has been downloaded a lot. I’m not happy that he’s on this season.



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