Friday Night Sounds: Surf punk

What is there to listen to at the end of December other than surf punk? Give The Beach Boys some attitude and move The Ramones from New York to Huntington Beach and you’ll wind up with a lighthearted subgenre of punk that many west coast bands incorporated into their music in the ’80s.


Make that a lot of attitude…

It’s difficult to define surf punk, even though some always astute YouTube commentators insist Agent Orange is the epitome of surf punk, probably because of their cover of surf guitar legend Dick Dale‘s Miserlou. And you can’t film a surfing sequence without Miserlou.

The rest of this playlist is my interpretation of surf punk: apolitical west coast punk with a generous mix of instrumentals. These bands aren’t solely surf punk (such as a German Ramones cover band covering Little Honda?), but I’ve picked out a few songs with surfy elements that strike a balance between carefree and serious talent on the guitar.

Artists include: The Queers, Adolescents, J.F.A, Agrotoxico, Los Straitjackets, the Turbo A.C.’s, The Ramones and Rämouns.

Click here to open the collaborative playlist in Spotify and add tracks of your own.

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