Last Minute Gifting: Art by Lulu


If you aren’t going to buy a Frida Kahlo print this Christmas (or other winter holiday–sorry, it’s my cutlural tradition) you might as well buy a print of Frida Kahlo!  And why not try Art by Lulu?


I happened upon Lulu’s etsy shop by accident while trolling for Frida stuff hace cuando and I’m sure glad.  As it turns out, Lulu specializes in reasonably-priced and beautifully done Frida prints with well over twenty pieces to choose from. I picked my favorite from the bunch which is now displayed in my office to the delight and or dismay of passersby.

If you like what you see, you will be happy to know Lulu’s got a holiday special!  From her website:

“Coupon code PINKMONDAY for FREE shipping


Buy 2 REGULAR prints and get 1 FREE !
Buy 5 SMALLwoodblock prints and get 1 FREE !
Buy 3 LARGE woodlock prints and get 1 FREE !

Bonjour ! Thanks for visiting my art shop where I offer original paintings as well as prints of my favorite creations. Stay as long as you want and enjoy !

Angels and devils, fairies and mermaids, cats and other animals, Frida Kahlo and Dia de Muertos are among my favorite subjects to paint. I love to add words and sentences to my canvases, sometimes in French, the language I speak at home, other times in Spanish to mingle with the vibrant colors of my Mexican images.”

Giving is good.  Getting is better.  We kid!

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