Matt Lauer rubs it in your face again

Lots of questions for you today. First off – Where in the World is Matt Lauer? We’ve been asking this question for ten years. The better question is Where in the World is Matt Lauer’s Hairline? (burrrnnn).

On Monday, he was in Namibia skiing down some dunes. Cool story, bro.

On Tuesday, he was in Madrid, Spain. Showing off that he has a job while 1/5th of the population in Spain is jobless. Cool story, bro.

Today he is in Kuala Lumpur.

The rest of the week? Who knows. 

Is there meaning behind this? Is NBC just trying to rub it in our face that we don’t have money to travel and that instead we should vicariously live through Matt Lauer? Matt Lauer is one of the highest paid television hosts. He is the 1%.


The Today Show has gone downhill since Meredith Vieira left for… what was it again? Oh yes, she hosts Who Wants to be a Millionaire. She brought good intentions and empathy to all those people who were suffering, which the Today Show takes advantage of almost every day.

Ann Curry is geniunely subpar. She asks the most idiotic questions, laughs at the wrong time, and has bad fashion sense. 



What's your response?

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