Do the (Taco Bell) Hustle!


  1. $20 investment
  2. Friends who doubt your appetite

Step 1: Buy a $20 Taco Bell gift card and receive a free chicken flatbread sandwich meal. 

Step 2: Bet a friend that you can eat a Taco 12 Pack in X minutes for at least $10. Use the gift card to buy the case of tacos, which costs $10. If your friends are cheapos, bet a bunch of them as a group. It helps if you are little but can eat like a man or if you can bluff well (Try: “Twelve tacos? Twelve? I don’t know, guys…).


Party of one

Step 3: Eat all the tacos! This part is crucial. We’re not talking soft tacos with filling tortillas here. They’re just the crunchy ones. You can do this. After you pick your head up off the table, remind your friends that they can pay you in cash for your accomplishment.

Step 4: Repeat steps 2 and 3 with different people or dumbos you can convince to accept a rematch.

Total free food: 26 crunchy tacos, a chicken flatbread sandwich and a soda.

Total profit: Varies with hustling ability.


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