Seen: Chairlift At Talking Head, Baltimore 10/23 (Now With a Song!)


Last night, Rhyme et Reason editrix-in-chief, Adrienne, a friend, and I had the privilege of experiencing Chairlift live at Talking Head/Sonar in downtown Baltimore. 


Being adventurous, we braved the not-so-wild streets on foot–until we decided to move the car. It was a ghost town but there was a redlight district and an hour between us and the venue, you guys. (We still managed to befriend a Baltimore City bus driver along the way…) 


There were three opening acts, each worse than the last if you ask me (which is a compliment to Ami Dang– who went first and was featured in the previous post), but it didn’t matter.  I came to pray at the church of Chairlift and a ten dollar ticket (a steal!) was not a fair offering.



When they took the stage no amount of beer-soaked flooring (or hipsters) could keep my feet from dancing. The music shook the room while Caroline Polachek’s vocals shook my spirit. And you couldn’t help but to move closer to the stage as she called to us under the blue and red stage lights.



The set was a seamless mix of songs from their debut Does You Inspire You and the forthcoming Something (to be released in January 2012).  Appropriate, too, because Polacheck slithered through the set on stage.  The super slick “Amanaemonesia” was the last song they played.


 Yes, we got the set list autographed.  NBD.


The night was so good I could have died.  So, naturally, I did: below with Ms. Polachek.



There’s no mistaking it.  Chairlift is pure magic. 


We hope they come back to Baltimore.


Listen to their new release “Sidewalk Safari”:


– Jeffrey Craig

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