Ladies With Whom We’d Lunch: Elizabeth Olsen in NYLON


Elizabeth Olsen

“Star Turn”

NYLON Magazine October 2011

Photographed by Marvin Scott Jarret



Rhyme et Reason contributors would like to lunch with Elizabeth Olsen–star of the upcoming Martha Marcy May Marlene (hereafter referred to as Mx4)–mostly because of all the Olsen sisters she looks like she would grub.  Amirite


Eek! Elizabeth is not amused.


Well, what I meant to say was I am a huge fan of her older sisters Mary-Kate and Ashley but they don’t seem to be nearly as approachable.  And I doubt we could afford their fare.  So, Elizabeth it is!


Plus she spilled details on the fam to NYLON so we’re expecting some more dirt.  When asked about being jealous of her sisters, she says:


“I have to attribute the way I have allways looked at it to my father, because he was a really good influence on us… It was very important to him that his daughters be financially independent.  He wanted us to know that we could always take care of ourselves, because he never liked the idea of us needing a man.  And witnessing how my sisters can take care of themselevs financially was a great role model to have.”


We don’t like the idea either.


What about you?  Would you like to lunch with Elizabeth Olsen?  And what do you think of Mx4?


– Jeffrey Craig


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