EP002- thenewno2


On Tuesday thenewno2‘s latest e.p. Ep002 will be released care of HOT Records.  It has been more than 2 years since their proper debut and the time is right for the London/L.A.-based band’s moody music. And this time there are exciting collaborations with artists like The RZA and Regina Spektor.


Despite the dissimilar guests, the e.p is a cohesive work held together by the sense of foreboding each track creates–especially the explicitly political “Mr. President.”  Whereas some of their peers have moved on to dabble in dub, thenewno2 have cultivated an introspective electronica sound in which lead-singer Dhani Harrison’s melancholic rock vocals really shine.


Check out the hauntingly good “Live a Lie (Featuring Regina Spektor”):

Listen on Posterous

I liken the song to a James Bond theme for a movie yet to be written.  (Let’s make it happen minus the blonde.)  You can get the song for free on the group’s facebook page!


If Ep002 is any indication of what we can expect from thenewno2 there is no reason to believe we won’t be hearing their music in a major studio release sometime soon.


Track list:

1. “Wide Awake”

2. “Mr. President (Featuring The RZA, Crisis & Sire Eyes)”

3. “Live a Lie (Featuring Regina Spektor)”

4. “Mr. President (pHd One Nation Remix)




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