video review: “1+1”- beyoncé


finally, some growth!  and it only took four solo albums…

it seems a nearly 30-year-old beyoncé has gotten rid of her alter ego sasha fierce whom had up until now been her psychotic-crutch-mechanism through which she could express aspects of a less-than-vanilla sexuality.  (take what you will from my using “vanilla.”) i have to say, i won’t miss sasha.  especially if beyoncé is going to keep making videos like “1+1.”

the dream-produced track is easily my favorite on her otherwise-dud-of-an-album 4.  there’s a lot of glitter and a little bit of l’oréal paris sponsored “hair” tossing but ultimately the video showcases beyoncé’s voice. check it out:

i really like that there’s no extravagant costume nor elaborate dance moves here.  also, the lighting and editing are stunning.  they give the effect of her being on some psychedlic rockstar shit a la prince or even jimi hendrix. major props to the director.

the apocalyptic theme of the song is appropriate for the weather, too.  so go and make love to someone.

or not, jeeze!


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