“equestrian”- u.s. royalty


confession time: i have fetishized all things equestrian–not in the sense of wanting to be bridled as much as wanting to be around waspy ladies in helmets, jodhpurs and riding boots at all times.  so i probably would have come across this song by u.s. royalty sooner or later.  thanks to the sweetlife festival (yesterday) it was much, much sooner. 

u.s. royalty is a d.c.-based rock band and we like local.  even though sweetlife was a bore if you weren’t trashed, u.s. royalty made waiting for the strokes less painful (i’m talking about you, girl talk–in case you didn’t follow my rants on twitter).  and the lead singer–john thornley–was decked out in a feathered shirt looking like queztalcoatl or some shit.  obviously i was jealous.  here’s “equestrian”:

04_Equestrian.m4a Listen on Posterous

the song sounds like antony and the johnsons had a baby with kings of leon in a home birth tub filled with moonshine.  that’s not an insult.




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