foreign-language-friday- “baby”- os mutantes

so rhymeetreason is giving you another theme day: foreign-language-friday!  can you stand it?!  i know “foreign” is a problematic term and we aren’t trying to engage in othering but every language is foreign to at least someone, amirite? 


so let’s start with “baby” by os mutantes (the mutants para o inglês-falantes).  apparently, the psychedelic rock group from brazil was big in the 60s and 70s but i’d never heard of them until fabrizio moretti (of the strokes) recommended the song when he was promoting his other band–little joy.  i’m so glad i listened because eu amo brasil!   if you liked the song “evaporar” on little joy’s record, you’ll love “baby.”  it’s a strange song but it’s quite good.

Listen on Posterous


“baby, ba-by, i love you!”



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