m.i.a. to work with chris brown


according to perez hilton and twitter (both brown and producer polow da don) m.i.a. has teamed up with chris brown on a track.  as a result, i will have to stop idolizing ms. arulpragasam here and now.  i would imagine this has an awful lot to do with a rather sizable pay check but fuck, man.  chris brown is a piece of shit. 

recap: he beat up rihanna,  did not apologize for his actions–even after 2 years had passed–and was infuriated enough by a morning news anchor’s line of questioning about said event to trash a dressing room at a major network’s nyc studio and run around shirtless.  his album is called f.a.m.e–forgiving all my enemies–for fucksake.  i don’t need to be forgiven, chris.  you do.

back to m.i.a, i really like(d) her, her music and her message–especially as a postcolonialist.  i know she likes to identify with the underdog.  and so do i. that said, i can think of no bigger underdog than women… collaborating with an unapologetic asshole isn’t endearing, maya.



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