“the hunger”- shirley manson & serj tankian


a few weeks ago i bought “the hunger” on itunes to support the prometheus project: amnesty international and the a.r.t. mostly because it features vocals by the incomparable shirley manson.  that all proceeds go to amnesty international is an equally good reason though… fans of garbage (the band– i’m not intending to insult anyone, let alone shirley (whom i adore)) know that it’s been a minute since they’ve released new material.  needless to say, i leapt at the chance to hear my goth queen anew.  teaming up with serj tankian–of system of a down fame–manson does not disappoint.  her voice sounds haunted almost. 

give it a go:

Listen on Posterous

powerful stuff, huh?  “the hunger” is one of the songs that make up prometheus bound,  which is detailed by the prometheus project as follows:

In an effort to bring the power of theater to aid the fight for universal human rights, the A.R.T. will dedicate the run of Prometheus Bound to eight Amnesty Actions calling to free prisoners of conscience and fight against human rights abuses all over the world. By singing the story of Prometheus, the God who defied the tyrant Zeus by giving the human race both fire and art, we hope to bring a voice to all prisoners of conscience currently being silenced by tyrannical governments. At each performance, the audience can become an activist for a specific cause or prisoner.





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