“We Can’t Fly” – Aeroplane

This song “We Can’t Fly” by Aeroplane has recently made the rounds on my music listening apps and all I can say is Thank Goodness. It has a great buildup and uses children’s voices to create a different headspace. It then heads into a tropical vibe that is perfect for …


Episode 15: Cartoons with Feelings

This episode we talk about Inside Out and Bojack Horseman. Then the conversation flows to music that’s fitting for the summer and we accidentally start talking about Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj. Our featured song comes from Canopy. Buy their albums on Follow us on and leave us a comment on Check out our Obsessions on as well as the Youtube playlist of our favorite songs of the summer.


CHVRCHES – Leave A Trace

CHVRCHES has released a new song off their upcoming album! It’s the same band we know and love. Featuring the same indie …

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Episode 14: True Hot Orange Detective in Black Wanted

In this very long episode, we do a deep dive with Feminist Friends about the documentary Hot Girls Wanted, that you can see on Netflix. We talk about the documentary’s goal, how feminism is helping, slut shaming, and the porn industry as a whole. We transition into talking about Orange is the New Black with some major spoilers. You’ve been warned. True Detective’s second season just started so we chat about the first episode, the premise, the performances, and our hopes for what this series can become. Check out Slim Hunt’s website for their song “Overthrown”: Support indie bands by buying the music used in this podcast!
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At 29-ish, we switch over to talk about OITNB. 51-ish, we talk about True Detective. Obsessions at 1:08ish.


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