Django Django – “First Light”

What a wonderful, light, and poetic song. Django Django‘s second song to catch my attention is “First Light” (the first one being “Default“) has a nice sing song-y quality that is deep while sounding pleasant. I especially like the part about the “future that is greener than they money we spent”. Sending …


Lenny Letter

Lena Dunham and her buddy Jenni Konner over at GIRLS have collaborated to start a newsletter called Lenny. The editor is former DoubleX podcast …

donuts are pow

Episode 16: Donuts that are Pow!

Episode 16 is the episode in which we discuss Blue Ruin and Halt and Catch Fire (both on Netflix streaming currently). Check out our obsessions on the showpage:
The featured song this week is Bellwether Bayou’s “Sixteen Tons”. Listen to more on
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jj comes out with new song

Using their dream pop sensibilities for a darker purposes, here comes the Swedish group jj‘s “Fuck It”. They are particular good at …


Episode 15: Cartoons with Feelings

This episode we talk about Inside Out and Bojack Horseman. Then the conversation flows to music that’s fitting for the summer and we accidentally start talking about Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj. Our featured song comes from Canopy. Buy their albums on Follow us on and leave us a comment on Check out our Obsessions on as well as the Youtube playlist of our favorite songs of the summer.


CHVRCHES – Leave A Trace

CHVRCHES has released a new song off their upcoming album! It’s the same band we know and love. Featuring the same indie …